Syosset- Staff Listing

managers and directors

Miss Nancy - Nancy Wohlsen - Co-Owner & Director

Miss Susan - Susan Fassino - Administrative Supervisor- Programs & Personnel Staffing & Teacher

Miss Paulyne - Paulyne Weiss - Administrative Coordinator- Purchasing, HR & Programs & Teacher

Miss Sylvia - Sylvia Claase - Administrative Specialist- Corp. Communications/Outreach, IT & Spec. Proj. & A.T

Miss Kathy (Supervisor), Miss Maureen, Miss Jill, Miss Alisa (no photo)

Miss Kimmy (Daycare Coordinator / Supervisor), Miss Annie (Daycare Curriculum Coordinator / Supervisor)

Miss Andrea (Infant Room), Miss Janice, Miss Donna (EarlyCare), Mr. Chris, Mr. Billy & Miss Caroline (Extended Day)

Our 2s Team ! Miss Paulyne, Miss Kimmy, Miss Jamie, Miss Sam , Miss Lori, Miss Janice, Miss Jheanine, Miss Katherine

Our 3s Team ! Miss Janice, Mr. Chris & Miss Annie

Our Pre- K Team ! Miss Ari & Miss Mindy

Miss Rona, Miss Lori, Miss Jodi, Miss Jill, Miss Beth, Miss Donna, Miss Jesse, Miss Randi,
Mr. Steven, Miss Ellen, Miss Kelly, Miss Holly, Miss Amanda, Miss Noreen, Miss Jessica, Miss Gina
Miss Liz, Miss Kristin, Miss Darah (no photos)

Miss Gayle

Miss Jill, Miss Jesse, Miss Samantha, Miss Ellen, Miss Laurie, Mr. Billy & Mr. Wayne (Fac.Supv.)

Our Center is a licensed N.Y. State Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) DayCare facility. Our Managers and Administrative staff are fully trained and have various Business Administration and Educational Degrees. Our Teaching staff hold various N.Y. State Educational degrees and/or Child Development Associate (CDA) certifications, as well as training & education in sports, dance and gymnastics spotting etc. All our staff are required to have CPR and First Aid Training.

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